Update: I'm no longer publishing here.

Aguanomics began in 2008, as a successor to Sex Drugs and Water Utilities, a blog whose topics generated far too many opportunities for comment on the various ways that poor regulation messed up markets for goods that had been in demand since Homo Sapiens first had a voice to express desire and want. In the beginning, David published over 1,000 posts per year, aided by the free time that his UC Berkeley postdoc gave him as well as a curiosity concerning all the different ways we manage, use and abuse water. Those first years resulted in the publication of The End of Abundance (2011), which summarized the ideas of several thousand posts. A few years later, David published Living with Water Scarcity (2014), which covered the same topics in simpler clearer language. In recent years, David has spent more time on climate change topics and blogged less often at aguanomics, publishing "only" 200+ posts per year. Each year, David publishes an anniversary post on the blog's status (here's the last one). In 2018, he intends to publish The Best of Aguanomics in conjunction with the blog's 10th anniversary. After that publication, he will move onto a new project: The One Handed Economist.

About: David Zetland has worked on water policy for 10+ years. He's an assistant professor of political-economy at Leiden University College in the Netherlands, but these opinions belong to David alone. Feel free to email David with questions, suggestions or juicy water gossip.