Hey Jerry! Put down the bong and listen!

Hey Jerry! Put down the bong and listen!

Even far over here, amidst rainstorms, I am hearing about California’s water shortage and the Governor’s “order” to reduce use by 25 percent.

Sadly, his orders appear to mix up agricultural (80%) with urban (20%) use, i.e., he talks about lawns and urban prices (two worthy targets!) while “missing” the role of agriculture.

Let me help: farmers use 80 percent of “developed” water… and more if you consider groundwater. Therefore, I suggest that Brown shut down irrigation and pay off farmers [for surface water], so there’s more water for cities people. Here are further, useful details.

Bottom Line: BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS should target BIG USERS of water, not people in cities.

H/Ts to EF, RM and VZ