30 May 2018

Links of interest

  1. The American dream is about living together, even if you're a racist.
  2. A great critique of the rise of bullshit jobs in the academic world
  3. Venezuela's incompetent corrupt government destroys its water system
  4. Why were are the Balkans underdeveloped? Geography as destiny
  5. California energy regulators go full-retard
  6. China's carbon markets are already driving low-carbon innovation
  7. Richard Thayler (Nobel Prize 2017) explains behavioral economics very clearly.
  8. Henry Kissinger on the dangers of AI to our humanity and ability to think (I wrote about the same issue in "Is Google Evil? [pdf] 14 years ago.
  9. "Does Doing Good Give You License to Be Bad?" Sometimes.
  10. Why we should be more like cats than dogs on the internet (and a zinger on Facebook's claim that its advertising revenue "helps people" /facepalm)
  11. In a paper I was reading recently, an ecological economist noted [paraphrasing] that GDP is the target because taxes [on flows like income] are needed to fund government/public services. This casual observation is pretty deep. If wealth was taxed, then maybe government wold worry less about consumption and more about creating wealth?
H/Ts to BK and BZ

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