23 May 2018

Links of interest

  1. The Water Atlas (to which I contributed one map) is now available for free download!
  2. Don't interview for the job, audition. Related: Avoid bullshit jobs.
  3. More good advice on eating right
  4. "How to kill a fish" changed my mind
  5. A ridiculous example of astroturfing in New Orleans: Actors protesting renewables and favoring natural gas
  6. Small communities are dying in America's "fly over states" as diversified family farms turn into corporate monocultures that don't need people. This is the result of 100 years of chasing yield over profitability.
  7. More insights into Facebook's effect on people (cognitive dissonance), business model (it will continue to manipulate you as long as it's profitable) and the open-internet that works for us. This quote from the second is worth emphasizing:
    You basically are driven to the outrage cycle at a personalized level. They’re basically trying to trigger fear and anger to get the outrage cycle going, because outrage is what makes you be more deeply engaged. You spend more time on the site and you share more stuff. Therefore, you’re going to be exposed to more ads and that makes you more valuable.
  8. What a woman can do when she's rich enough to ignore social norms.
  9. An update on the politics of the Nile (and Ethiopia's dam)
  10. Your (?) data? "Let’s not rush to sacrifice the personal at the altar of the collective" plus "I never tell stores who I am. I never let them know. I pay cash and only cash for that reason."

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