25 Apr 2018

Links of interest

  1. Here's a good podcast (Part I Part II) with me, talking about this blog, climate change, drinking water systems, gender in academia, etc.
  2. A German coder starts his own university where 2/3rds of students pay nothing up front but part of their later salary. Even better, they focus on solving real problems.
  3. To build a better Facebook, you need a new paradigm (maybe personal data control?)
  4. Abolishing digital slavery with personal data trading
  5. Want to think about how social media manipulates you (and you can manipulate those platforms)? Then check out "If this, then I"
  6. Climate change is creating new child brides (hungry families forced to marry off their girls)
  7. A few ways in which cryptocurrencies will force laws to change
  8. A different perspective on China's recent political "reforms" and how Saudi's new ruler thinks.
  9. Can Phoenix -- "the world's least sustainable city" -- survive without water?
  10. Another data/water broker is looking for business in TX and 20 other states
  11. The World Water Atlas shows where water is scarce, excessive and dirty. Example:
H/Ts to CD, LJ and WFV

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