1 Apr 2018

Announcing toilet paper as a service

Forget MaaS and Saas (Mobility and Software as a Service), today I'm announcing Toilet Paper as a Service, or TPaaS (pronounced "tee pee ass")!

TPaaS will provide many benefits in a networked, individualized, circular economy:
  1. Each sheet will be IoT-enabled, meaning that it can be tracked everywhere!
  2. Each sheet will collect "data" that can be recorded on the blockchain!
  3. TPaaS data will make it easier to replace our wasteful "throughput" paradigm of resource management with a circular model that will result in TP reuse, perhaps as kitchen towels, packaging and other uses where "off white" colors are acceptable.
  4. Best of all, TPaaS will allow Uber and other on-demand companies to bring supply when you really need TP (surge pricing may apply).
To participate in our ICO for TPaaS (our token is called the "bitopaper") click here.
Addendum: An interesting bit of background on "April Fools"

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