28 Mar 2018

Links of interest

  1. An old, but still very perceptive, analysis of Trumps' base ("non-elite white males of all income levels) and their growing gap (slow burning civil war) with urbanites of all colors and gender.
  2. Canadian statisticians and economists are busy preparing for marijuana legalization
  3. Dutch agricultural economists call for more sustainability from domestic farmers (agreed!)
  4. Cheap energy does NOT help poor households in Kenya. Development is complex.
  5. A summary of my paper on improving regulation through competition among groups
  6. Is it time to stop talking about businesses via capital and instead as a nexus of stakeholders?
  7. "Reddit and the struggle to detoxify the internet"
  8. We don't really understand inheritance (it's not all in the genes)
  9. Do development academics even understand their study area? Do economists even study the real economy that people live in? Thoughtful conversations.
  10. "Circular economies" are very trendy now in sustainability discussions, but this poster [pdf] explains how a 19th century German manor was very circular.

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