14 Mar 2018

Links of interest

  1. "If it’s unclear why modern architecture must be so offensive, it’s particularly puzzling why French architecture must be"
  2. The Oxford English Dictionary in the internet age
  3. John Perry Barlow on why it's important to talk about using LSD (I do sometimes...) and how cyberspace can bring peace ("direct communication should breed understanding and tolerance..." but some people didn't get this memo). Here's a fascinating 1992 discussion of cryptography and free speech rights.
  4. Yay! "Emissions trading now covers 15% of global emissions"
  5. Carbon capture might cost as little as 0.10 percent of world GDP. We need to get going!
  6. A Louisiana mayor "invests" millions to force government to rescue the town from rising seas (sunk cost fallacy in action)
  7. Capitalist geeks visit Eastern Europe around 1990. Much has changed.
  8. The OECD has published its "Principles on water governance: from policy standards to practice." Corruption is listed as "something to watch" so I think this advice is a waste of time in the many countries where governance failure arises from corruption.
  9. Dutch cities are going to put more deposits on plastic and aluminum containers, especially after the industry's claims of "not cost effective" turned out to be lies.
  10. Worried about Fake News and too much noise on social media? Read the paper. (Speaking of quality reading, JSTOR has daily newsletters!)
  11. Listen to a real CEO talk about running businesses and managing people
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