7 Mar 2018

Links of interest

It's good to know what's in your drugs.
  1. America needs gun control, says this Army Vet (I'm all for a "well-regulated militia")
  2. The Tulip mania story is mostly wrong
  3. Econtalk and 12 Rules for Life (all of which is suffering, btw ;)
  4. Great interview on the beginnings... and future of cryptocurrency
  5. Facebook failing: "As a society, we feel like we’re at war with a computer algorithm, and the only winning move is not to play," how a membership model results in content that helps you, and why Facebook won't ever change
  6. Want to reduce emergency hospital admissions among old people? End their isolation.
  7. Online schools can be good, but they are being used to deny a proper education to poorer Americans
  8. Drugs are illegal in the Netherlands but tolerated at low quantities. Illegality makes it hard to know what you are getting, as it's not easy (or profitable) for "dealers" to test for purity and convey those results to buyers. Luckily, there are services for marijuana and other drugs. (US states with legal recreational marijuana have far more useful information -- see photo.)
  9. California drivers may be paying more for gasoline due to a secret producers' cartel
  10. National Geographic has great articles on China's food system and government surveillance.
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