28 Feb 2018

Links of interest

  1. The Special Economic Zone of Shannon, Ireland inspired China. What inspired Shannon? Duty-free booze. Related: New Delhi: an urban planning fantasy.
  2. Facebook struggles to grasp its role as a media gateway
  3. A Frenchman discusses climate change in the context of conservative politics (i.e., defending "our land and people" from climate change) as opposed to the usual "globalist" framing of the topic (i.e., defending "people everywhere"). Think global local, act local? I said something similar 10 years ago.
  4. "Digital Currencies and Blockchain in the Social Sector" provides some solutions to the problems I described in my 2010 paper.
  5. Want to understand more about cryptocurrencies and the block chain? Listen to this.
  6. An interesting update on the dangers of climate change that we're sleepwalking into
  7. Broken Hill, Australia, will turn to dust as its water runs out
  8. "American media is being reshaped by the whims of the ultra-rich"
  9. An update on retail water competition in England and possible re-nationalization
  10. Shared bikes and sustainability
  11. WeWork vies to take over the office... with booze and comraderie
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