18 Jan 2018

My talks tomorrow at UC Davis and UC Berkeley

I'm presenting my paper tomorrow (Friday) at these times and places:

11:00 @ 1017 Wickson (ESP), UC Davis

16:30 @ Blum B100 (info), UC Berkeley

The evolution of the Dutch drinking water sector (with Bene Colenbrander)

Abstract: Dutch drinking water companies now deliver safe affordable water to the entire population, but this result was not planned. It emerged, rather, from an evolutionary process in which various pressures on the commons resulted in changes to drinking water systems that addressed old concerns but uncovered new problems. Our analytical narrative traces this problem-solution-new problem pattern through four eras in which a common-pool dilemma is addressed by a private-good solution (1850-1880), a club-good solution (1880-1910) and public good solution (1910-1950) before returning to a private-good solution in the last 1950-1990 era. Actions, like the dates just given, were not always exact or effective, as the process was shaped by changing social norms regarding the distribution of costs and benefits from improved water services. This Dutch history, while unique, supplies insights for improving drinking water services elsewhere.

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