7 Nov 2017

Trump fails America, Kaljulaid helps Estonia

Kersti Kaljulaid, a smart, helpful leader
Trump was elected about one year ago. He has done nothing that he promised and everything to gratify his ego and wallet. He's a corrupt idiot.

Americans are lucky that he (and the Republicans) face checks on their desires to make the rich richer, rape the environment, and destroy the public services that contribute to health, welfare and prosperity.

If you're wondering what a real leader sounds like, then listen to the President of Estonia:
As Estonia is undertaking the task of EU Council Presidency for the first time ever, how can we help/soften and overcome the EU’s challenges and not just fill in the spot but actually make a difference among the bigger countries?

We already have made a big difference by being small, flexible and not having any hierarchies at all...We have a reputation of understanding society differently. We also have a reputation for already having a generation living in the internet, therefore we get slightly better at cyber-hygiene.

While dealing with all of those digital issues during our Presidency, it’s extremely important to deliver the message that while every society will be digital, it will still be a different society. Estonian society is digital in one particular way and Finnish in another because the state is culture and this culture will be preserved while becoming digital. It’s not about seeking unification or harmonization in any way; every country will go its own way. And this is where we encourage the countries to adopt the view that we know – that in cyberspace there are also risks and there are crooks but we don’t want to abandon that space and lose out just as we do not abandon our streets. We do not want governments to be unable to use the technological space just because there are risks. We just need to teach our populations to be cyber-hygienic.
Read the whole, very thoughtful interview here.

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