29 Nov 2017

Links of interest

  1. How to translate the Odyssey
  2. Fight phishing scammers by forwarding their email to the re:scam bot that will waste their time
  3. In 1975 Iceland's women went on strike for equal rights. Man gave in after a day of cooking and childcare. Their first female president was elected in 1980.
  4. The customary law of vendetta in Albania and decentralized legal systems that work
  5. Quotes on the 2,500 year-old threat of youth and the wisdom of age
  6. Swedes in the Paradise Papers -- an amazing visualization
  7. State capture in South Africa: $billions of citizens' money to the Gupta family
  8. Five books on the use and value of free speech
  9. The future of autos is over, says a guy who should know
  10. The French are ahead in battling fake news (hint, they use reporters)

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