1 Nov 2017

Links of interest

  1. "Shamefully, it has never occurred to me to expect male colleagues to say or do anything about their friends’ more shabby behaviour [sexual harassment]. I have never seen that happen, not once, in my entire life."
  2. "Health care prices in the United States are both high and unpredictable"
  3. "Why the trial by ordeal was actually an effective test of guilt" Hint: Collective belief.
  4. "It seems... the primary reason to go onto news media or social media right now is to find a reason to be mad."
  5. A companion piece to the end of lead-printing is this on the history of typesetting math
  6. Life in the oilfields: "Put your head in the freezer and punch yourself in the face"
  7. The online mattress mafia does not like bad reviews
  8. Smartphones are killing Americans, but nobody's counting
  9. College advice I wish I'd taken
  10. The Seventy-Four Best Entries in The Devil’s Dictionary, e.g., "Education, n. That which discloses to the wise and disguises from the foolish their lack of understanding."

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