27 Sep 2017

Links of interest

  1. "Russia gave $50,000 to UN expert who wrote report calling Russia a victim"
  2. Chatbots are more attentive to your needs. Does that mean you no longer need friends?
  3. OMG: "So there we were, two women armed with nothing but master’s degrees and suburban upbringings, pointing our iPhones at a wild animal, trying to figure out what the fuck to do next."
  4. Yugoslavia (and many communist countries) were not that bad for normal people
  5. The S&P 500 beat hedge fund managers in a 10-year competition, mostly because hedge fund managers pay themselves too much.
  6. A meteorologist talks about bringing climate change into weather forecasts
  7. Plastic recycling isn't working in the Netherlands (benefits < costs). What to do? Chile bans plastic bags in coastal cities
  8. Water demand elasticity for "residential villas" -2.1 in Oman (meaning that a price increase of 1% drops demand by 2%) because so much water is used outdoors.
  9. Is the West kidding itself about the good intentions of Islam? Not really.
  10. Another French economist on how American inequality has gotten far worse

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