23 Aug 2017

Links of interest

  1. Reconciling Hayek's decentralized emergent order with centralized government and firms
  2. Amsterdam takes action against bike sharing renting companies that park their bikes on the crowded streets. They should pay rent, if they are using the streets to make money. Amsterdam is also planning to register Airbnb hosts, to enforce the regulation limiting rentals to 60 days per year. That's a good idea, given that 40 percent of Airbnb hosts exceed that limit.
  3. The IMF's opinion of the US is not good "the sick man of the developed world"
  4. Will Trump allow a USGov't report on climate change to be published?
  5. Will AI "take over the world by accident" like capitalism?
  6. Natural systems coordinate in similar ways to markets
  7. How Putin runs his mafia state (testimony to US Senate) and how "illiberal" democracies are really just one-party kleptocracies (Russia, Turkey, Venezuela, Hungary, et al.) and how Russian assassins work freely in the UK
  8. It's good to see auctions to supply renewable energy replacing feed-in-tariffs. Prices are dropping quickly with competition :)
  9. Americans would drive 16% less if parking wasn't free
  10. "Is marriage worth it?" More women with more choices are saying no. 

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