26 Jan 2017

Where will we go -- the review

This "book" is printed like a newspaper magazine, which lowers its cost without reducing its impact. I "read" it in less than an hour, as the main message is conveyed through photos from Greenland, Kiribati, Fiji, PNG, Bangladesh, Panama, the UK and the US.

A cemetery in Fiji is slowly flooded by rising sea levels.

Kadir van Lohuizen, the author and photographer, has seen the future of a climate-changed world (the subtitle of the book is "the human consequences of rising sea levels") in the changes hitting the most vulnerable places today. His photos will help you understand how your home -- and our planet -- is changing.

Bottom Line: I give this book FIVE STARS for its simple yet powerful portrait of people living at the sharp edge of climate change.
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BP said...

Not to debate climate change but the Fiji and Tonga tectonic plates subsiding into the mantle due to subduction. A portion of what is happening in Fiji is related to that. Halifax is also slipping into the sea due the receded glaciers (last ice age) and the land further north rebounding (isotasy).

National Geographic had a good story on how geologic studies show that through previous sea level increases the Pacific Islands grew and did not shrink.

Was this mentioned in the book?

David Zetland said...

No it wasn't. Those are excellent points, and they make my point a bit stronger*, i.e., that this is the way more of the world is going to look with CC!

* It's weaker if Fiji is proof (to me) of CC, but that's not the reason to think CC is happening...

Michael said...

I think the point of BP is that this is shown as evidence for climate change, where it is not related to climate change. Just like Boko Haram, the war in Syria and many refugees are incorrectly related to climate change.
We rebuke fake news by Trump c.s. but how is this different?

David Zetland said...

It's not shown as evidence. It's shown as impacts. Whether the impact is from sinking land or cc is not relevant to me, as I'm reviewing the book as an example of what cc impacts will be like (some of the photos are from places experiencing cc, e.g., Greenland)

Michael. said...

From the book blurp: "Where will we go? provides vivid visual coverage of how climate change is already affecting places where people live, [...] Fiji".

The Halifax case actually is related to climate change, but that again has nothing to do with humans.

David Zetland said...

Touché. I'll ask the author what's up.

David Zetland said...

This is what I got from Kadir. He doesn't address the publisher's claim...

"I don’t think I ever claimed that Fiji is sinking due to climate change. Nevertheless a sinking country and a rising sea level only makes things worse.

For example Jakarta’s main issue for example is the groundwater subtraction, which makes the city sink, but add the rising sea level and the situation has an immediate urgency. I didn’t include Jakarta to avoid this discussion. Fiji was mainly portrayed as a safe heaven for the region, because the country is mountainous. Nevertheless no one will argue that coastal areas / beaches are disappearing due to a rising sea level and speeded up by subsiding."

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