10 Nov 2016

Presidential priorities

Based on exit poll interviews with 25,000 voters, we get this set of priorities:*

Bottom Line: Trump supporters (as a group) want someone who can bring "needed change" but don't care about that person's experience, good judgement, or care for them. The people have spoken.

* As to the method behind this question ("What's the most important quality of the candidate you voted for?"), I assume it takes each voter's choice of ONE quality, then compares the percentage of people for each candidate that identified that quality. Thus, 90 percent of people who said "experience" is most important voted for Hillary, while 8 percent of people saying "experience" voted for Trump.

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Anonymous said...

As you have presented this snippet of exit poll data, the electorate must believe in a benevolent dictator (the perfect form of government?). This perspective, if true, would represent a nation on the slippery slope to perdition.

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