21 Nov 2016

Monday funnies

At least the kids can make us laugh...

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Enemy of Food said...

This gif is kinda funny, and reminds me of when I was a child growing up in Illinois. Every summer all the neighborhood kids would get together and have water fights. One lucky kid would get the hose and everyone else would have some combination of squirt guns and water balloons. We'd spend hours running around, trying to soak each other.
These memories are unadulterated happiness to be sure--I literally can't remember a time I was involved in a water fight that I wasn't just having the best time. But now that I am studying water policy and management, I have started to look at these memories in a different light. True, I don't think there were droughts or shortages in the area at that particular time, but we certainly weren't respecting water--I guess I missed that lesson growing up.
I wonder sometimes how images like this--of kids throwing gallons and gallons of water on each other for fun-- will be viewed in the future. It makes me think of those eerie pictures from the 1950s of children happily running behind a spray truck through a cloud of DDT.
Or maybe there's another way to view this? After all, "wasting" all that water made me truly happy, and stayed with me all these years later. And this GIF has made some people happy too. Isn't that worth something?
Moral of the story: Record every time you are using water inefficiently, because maybe something funny will happen that can benefit the internet. That, or images of you will turn into a chilling warning for future generations.

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