31 Aug 2016

Corporations vs kids

I got this press release:
WAC Announces 2016 Water-Wise Landscape Design Competition Winners

The Water Awareness Committee of Monterey County, Inc. is pleased to announce the winners of the 12th Annual Water-Wise Landscape Design Competition as judged at the Monterey County Fairgrounds Aug. 30, 2016.

The staff from California American Water Company took home the first-place award with their outstanding low water use garden display that includes both visual and written tips and advice about many water conservation topics including; rain water harvesting, use of drip irrigation, mulching, limiting lawn area, and installing plants appropriate for Monterey County’s climate. Each plant species used in the Garden display was clearly labeled.

Awarded second place was the landscape display created by the water conservation staff at The Monterey Peninsula Water Management District. Their well-crafted display shows fairgoers how to save water by diverting laundry rinse water to landscape trees and shrubs. Their display also showed fairgoers how to replace lawn by the popular sheet mulching method.

The third place award went to the Hilltown 4-H Club members. They created a relaxing, colorful display highlighting a variety of attractive, low water use landscape plant species appropriate for the local region.
So you're telling me that the salaried staff from two corporations were allowed to compete with the 4H kids? And that they won? And that -- wait for it -- the prize was NOT for the landscape that needed NO watering?

Bottom Line: This is not water conservation... this is corporate PR for business as usual!

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