24 May 2016

Water can flow... or break you

People are accustomed to a bit of give and take as they talk or walk or work things out amongst each other. There may be confusion, but there's usually time to figure out what's going wrong and how to fix it.

Water is similarly flexible, flowing around obstacles, down hills or up (as vapor) over landscapes as various forces push and pull on its molecules.

Adaptation and flexibility does, however, fail when there is too little time for people to understand each other or too little time for water to flow out of the way (or to its desired destination).

It's in those moments that people argue and fight. It's in those moments that water floods you or shortages result from demand exceeding local supplies.

Bottom Line Water and people both need time to be managed correctly.


Robpublican said...


Lao Tzu, the original Libertarian.

David Zetland said...

FTFY: Libertarians... the followers of Lao Tzu ;)

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