2 May 2016

Bleg: California groundwater governance?

Osvaldo Aly Junior writes from Brazil:
I am doing my doctorate. My professor, Ricardo Hirata (a groundwater researcher here at USP - University of São Paulo) and I are interested in studing how governance works (or doesn't) in order to reach a sustanable and integrated use for both surface- and groundwater.

There are two things for me (in this moment) that are importante for groundwater governance: private and government institutions.*

Here in Brazil our institutions and laws give major power to goverment, and in California (we think) laws are for private initative.

In Brazil, our society is very weak to be able to influence water managment, information about water problems and crisis they are not clear. So people don't know exactaly what is happening.

I want to compare these two situations in order to see if any one of them is more positive for a sustanable and integrated use of ground/surface water.

I would like to know if you can help me suggesting some researches or professors that I could visit or make an interview.

I'll be at San Francisco from 25 May to 2 July. I intend to visit Berkeley, Davis and Stanford.
If you have any contacts, ideas or time to meet with Osvaldo, then please email him!

* NB from DZ: Government is different from social, i.e., forming top-down vs bottom up collective institutions.

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