28 Apr 2015

Anything but water

I see a bright future for this one...
  1. Is seems that US farmers will get a "heads I win, tails you lose" reform to the Farm Bill

  2. Urban sprawl "drives" climate change, literally. Related: Vancouverites hate on a bicyclist who complained about aggressive drivers (that's one reason we moved back to Amsterdam)

  3. Yoram Bauman ("the world's only stand up economist") will be doing an AMA on Reddit TODAY, from 11am Pacific. He'll be talking about climate change policy, especially revenue-neutral carbon taxes.

  4. Engineer porn: This machine lays train tracks. Related: Politicians are more interested in headcount and new projects than maintaining existing projects

  5. Few Americans are "libertarians" but the share holding "libertarian views" is larger than the share of conservatives

  6. The Future of Food journal has a new (online) issue on small scale agriculture, and they are accepting suggestions for future themed issues

  7. John Oliver on "municipal violations" (government extorting money from citizens), a practice that's just been dealt a blow in New Mexico
H/Ts to CD and JM

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