5 Mar 2015

Anything but water

  1. Banksy goes to Palestine... and does not enjoy it

  2. What's the difference between (North) Americans and the Dutch? The Dutch celebrate "warm sweater day" as a way of saving energy (google translate is messy)

  3. Speed cameras in New York raised lots of money, but they also reduced accidents and injuries. The Swedes have taken speed cameras a step further by distributing fines from speeding drivers to drivers respecting the limits. Awesome

  4. Congress is looking into the funding sources of climate skeptics. Coyote thinks this is a witchhunt, but I disagree: we know that fossil fuel companies have a lot to lose from anti-carbon policies, we know that they spend a lot of lobbying, and we know that climate change is much more likely to cause catastrophic damage than none at all. It's important to know if "experts" are speaking from a scientific standpoint or if they are paid shills

  5. The Class of 2008 (and recent classes) is likely to have lower lifetime earnings, due to a "bad start"

  6. Ben Casnocha has a long, interesting essay working with Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn)

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