25 Feb 2015

Speed blogging

  1. California is screwed in terms of water supplies (image), but ACWA (Association of California Water Agencies) is making worthless counterproductive suggestions, e.g., "Clarifying that mandatory outdoor irrigation limits should be equivalent to a twice a week irrigation schedule." Whatever happened to "don't put drinking water on your lawn?" ACWA is clearly part of the problem, and we know why: water agencies need to SELL water so they can pay their bills

  2. I've done a few talks recently:
    • "Fiscally and environmentally sustainable tariff designs from across the world" (PDF slides and 1h 35m MP3)
    • "Hot topics: Q&A with regulators" (PPS and 1h 24m MP3)
    • "Variations and climate change: the policies and pipes of adaptation" (PDF slides and 1h 1m MP4) for AWRA
  3. "Taiwan is experiencing its most severe drought in decades" and some groups are coping better than others

  4. It is harder to manage transboundary aquifers than transboundary surface waters

  5. California regulators will not allow an irrigation district to finance water conservation improvements by selling water, as that's not "beneficial use." So... they prefer that the water be wasted. FAIL.
H/Ts to JD, NM and RM

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