13 Feb 2015

Speed blogging

  1. Here are the PDF slides and an MP4 video (for my voice) from my AWRA talk "Farms and Rivers: Balancing between Food Production and the Environment"

  2. Climate change will raise sealevel. YOU know that, but here's how it looks

  3. The USFS climate aquatics blog -- which is not really structured like a blog -- has some new posts on river temperatures (increasing under CC) and aquatic life

  4. Nice discussion: "Energy Implications of Water Transfer: Understanding Tradeoffs (for the environment) and Identifying Options (e.g., desalination)"

  5. Fleck writes a nice goodbye to as he retires as a "water journalist" (but continues as a water wonk)

  6. California regulators have allowed frack water return flows to be injected into aquifers that farmers share. Now their crops are dying. That's ok, right, since now we have cheap gas?
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