3 Feb 2015

Are you a consumer, customer or user?

A consumer takes what they are given and a customer chooses what to take, but only utilities and drug dealers sell to "users."

In February, it's time to meet your water utility.

This activity from the 2015 Water Smarts Calendar (free download) shouldn't take you too long, as your only mission is finding your "class" (look on your water bill?) and comparing the charges you face to the charges in other classes. This activity is based on Chapter 1 of Living with Water Scarcity (another free download), which you may want to (re)read around now.

There's no right answer. Water utilities around the world have adopted many different classification systems. Let's find out yours!

After you find your class, fill in this webform (anonymous or not). I'll look at answers and post some analysis in a month.

Important: I have set up a "Water Smarts Calendar" mailing list for people who want to be reminded about each month's activity and/or read my analysis of each month's data. You can add your email to the list here.

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