21 Jan 2015

Speed blogging

  1. This paper argues that the governance of land and water needs to be coordinated to increase food production. Although some would say this "nexus" should be added to the energy-water nexus, I'd disagree. Such coordination distracts from managing ALL the uses (or demands) on water, land, energy, etc.

  2. The Global Groundwater governance Project has released its final reports. Grab them and govern!

  3. Studies on water flows in Roman times, recently (unsustainably) and with climate change

  4. The one-percenters at Davos say that "water crises are a top global risk," but they miss the obvious: each water crisis is local in its causes and effects; each crisis can be addressed locally

  5. CU Boulder is running an online course -- "Water in the Western US" -- from 1 April. They still need to add my book as a reading

H/T to MV

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