6 Nov 2014

Speed blogging

  1. FairPlanet has a "dossier" of six articles on water governance (they say human rights)

  2. Active remedy wants "to protect the global water cycle" -- with an emphasis on forests in mountain regions

  3. Yes, governments should charge a "water extraction fee" (or "public good charge") where water is scarce enough to be overused and funding for management is needed. Related: the global groundwater crisis is indeed a HUGE worry, as we are "spending our savings" rather than living off our income. Crash ahead

  4. Oyster filtration is WAY more sexy than raw oysters!

  5. Different perspectives (biases) lead to different water management regimes

  6. Interesting articles! (pdfs)

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David Zetland said...

I emailed Mike Young about his paper (the one I say to read) with this comment: "I'm wondering if you'd include my idea -- gross entitlements without assumption of return flows -- under your admin regime? I can see the benefit of having a pre-allocation process of setting gross entitlements (flexibility) with the lower cost of not needing to track (for reg purposes) return flows."

He replied: "As I explained in an earlier blog you ran, this is an option – if and only if the plan reduces the size of the allocation pool as water use efficiency increases and return flows decrease.

One also needs to attend to relationships between ground and surface water with greater care. Especially when groundwater has been recharged for years by return flows."

To this, I replied: "I agree, of course, on g/w, but I'd rather monitor base enviro flows (and reduce allocations) rather than worry about return flows."

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