30 Oct 2014

Speed blogging

  1. Mangroves store carbon, protect juvenile fish and diffuse flood damages. Too bad corrupt governments ignore those public benefits for cronies' shrimp farms. Related: How to use nature (swamps, etc.) to absorb higher water flows due to climate change

  2. Americans in the West use far more water... because lawns. Remember that when you drink dust

  3. Another parallel between California and India: Rich farmers can drill deeper wells than poor households [Indian version from 2009]

  4. Market failure: water prices in Chile do not reflect [enough] scarcity because the value of water (its market price) is too low relative to investment and operation costs. The implication is that water will be overused (and depleted) too quickly, e.g., "in CopiapĆ³ (in the desert of Atacama) people irrigate grass lawns and wash sidewalks to reduce dust" :(

  5. Tufts University is offering a 4-week MOOC -- "The Biology of Water and Health" -- starting 4 Nov (free or paid)

  6. This paper comparing efficiency in public & private French water utilities finds (contra their "conclusion") that they are similar, once you consider taxes, debt, and tariff schedules. Regulation matters!

H/T to MV

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