6 Oct 2014

Speed blogging

  1. Risk of flooding from climate change, by country

  2. Aquadoc puts in a well-justified correction to "all water politics are local". Related: integrating watershed and road-building programmes

  3. Hypocrisy: Governments tell citizens not to waste water... and then wastes water

  4. This book -- Defining a Resilient Business Model for Water Utilities -- can be complemented by my basic advice: recover all costs with matching revenues

  5. I left this comment on China's terrible S-N Canal Project:
The S-N Project shows that China, once again, is capable of making not just the same mistake as the US (many of our water projects devastated ecosystems and exporting regions) but doing so on a colossal scale. This supply-side project will do nothing to address rising water scarcity (i.e., demand outstripping supply) at the same time as it allows "patriots" to continue wasting water -- now brought to you by massive cash subsidies and energy consumption.
My only quibble is with your comment that the Project will make "drought more likely." Drought is a natural phenomenon of lower-than-average deliveries of water through the hydraulogical cycle, not the result of manmade projects. Remember: Nature makes a drought, but Man makes a shortage.
H/T to RM

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