19 Aug 2014

Speed blogging

  1. "Western-style" irrigation -- reservoirs and canals diverting "excess" water from rivers -- is growing in popularity in the eastern US. I'd say that's the result of depleting groundwater. I'd also say it's a sign that farmers will be depleting environmental water flows and screwing up ecosystems

  2. Here's the video [mp4] of my AWRA webinar ("Pricing Drinking Water for Conservation & Fiscal Stability". You can also listen to the audio [mp3] and read the slides [pdf], as the video omitted my talking head. I'm doing another one ("The Emergence of Wastewater as a New Supply") tomorrow. Speaking of which, this Texas community is using wetlands to filter its wastewater

  3. Christopher Gasson (Global Water Intelligence) destroys the new ISO standard on footprinting. Let's stick with IWRM, people

  4. I didn't know that Governor Cuomo bought out a bunch of coastal landowners, to "save the government money in the future." Good move

  5. An interesting analysis of China's water governance complications

  6. Rivers recover when dams are removed. I suggest a dam cap and trade: any new dam (or dam that wants its operating license renewed) should remove the equivalent (in water storage?) volume of outdated dams
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Pallavi Bharadwaj said...

Dr. Zetland I am sure that you must have seen this one already but just in case, watch the 'walking the green tiger' documentary based on China's people's movement against big hydropower/dams. I was lucky enough to be able to catch the screening at Asia Society, NYC last evening and it was worth it.

Andrew Ayres said...

That short commentary from Gasson has to be among the best paraphrasing of the issue I've read up until now. Thanks for sharing, David.

David Zetland said...

@both -- thanks!

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