28 Aug 2014

Anything but water

"Green" festivals with discarded reusables are not
  1. Truth: "You show me a polluter, I'll show you a subsidy; I'll show you a fat cat who's using political clout to escape the discipline of the free market and force the public to pay his production costs. That's what all pollution is -- it is always a subsidy." --Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

  2. I talk about "reality" quite often but Mike Munger has expressed it elegantly, as the quest for Unicorn Governance, i.e., "people who favor expansion of government imagine a State different from the one possible in the physical world"

  3. The New Yorker takes apart Vandana Shiva for her irrational opposition to the GMOs, i.e., "She is a demagogue who opposes the universal values of the Enlightenment."

  4. An overview of the legality and use of drugs (marijuana) in Amsterdam

  5. Increasing gas prices to grow the economy, by changing relative prices and incomes

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