21 Aug 2014

Anything but water

Does it feel better if you recycle it TWICE?
  1. Ivy-league schools are overrated... if you want your kids to think. (That's why I'm teaching at a liberal arts college)

  2. More downsides from fracking (i.e., earthquakes and methane emissions) mean it's getting closer to "ethanol" status

  3. An interesting essay on ADD, social-media pushiness, silent retreats and how we might restore the calm that enables thinking (against the wishes of governments and corporations). Related: You're not entitled to your [wrong] opinion and how to be useless on Facebook

  4. Not from the Onion but definitely from America: Alabama claims that God gave them the coal to burn and the lack of racial diversity in environmental groups (probably because whites work cheap when "it's a good cause")

  5. An examination of how countries can prevent coups d'etat (rule of law plus competent balance of power) and a great travel blog post with insights on Nigeria

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