12 Aug 2014

Anything but water

Does this monkey own the copyright to its selfie?
  1. Ed Dolan analyzes the potential failure (due to government over-regulation) of legalizing marijuana and open secrets connects the dots between industries that will lose from legalization (alcohol, prisons) and campaign donations bribery

  2. Cargill promises not to buy "unsustainable" palm oil, which will require good supply-chain monitoring. That's hard in Indonesia and Malaysia -- and nearly impossible with corruption. Related: the Straight Dope says GMOs are expanding fast without too much harm. (I worry about the damages -- on many fronts -- from any kind of industrial ag)

  3. Naor Delanu has good ideas on how to reform the government, with a "reality check" that offers insights to political viability

  4. How to get rich in "scholarly publishing":
    1. Get people to create content they need for career advancement, for free
    2. ??? Sell it back to them at outrageous prices
    3. Profit!

  5. If big business (and FDR's government) "stole" the four hour work day, then that may explain why we have no idea of how to turn leisure into personal happiness instead of mindless consumption
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