14 Jul 2014

I'm doing an AMA on Drought in the West Thursday!

I'll be on Reddit doing an AMA (ask me anything) in drought and water in the western US this Thursday, starting at 7am Pacific (14:00 UTC). Feel free to stop by for the Q&A.

Reddit is an awesome online community where comments add lots of value -- and humor -- to questions, articles and issues. I suggest you use this opportunity to join (it's free) and find a few areas ("subreddits") of interest.

I made three videos discussing the drought and water in the western US with Paul Wyrwoll of the Global Water Forum, which is based out of Australia:
  1. Drought, governance and agriculture (20 min)
  2. Drought and urban water management (9 min)
  3. Drought, climate change, crisis and politics (14 min)
The URL for the AMA will be posted here on Thursday: Go!

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