18 Jul 2014

Five thousand blog posts!

My first blog was called "another brilliant idea," but I was not regularly brilliant.

My second blog ("sex, drugs and water utilities") lost me a few job interviews.* I ended that theme when I took a UC Berkeley postdoc that focused on water.

I copied one-third of the posts (~170) from sex/drugs to aguanomics, which launched on 26 March 2008.**

This is the 5,000th post on aguanomics. I wrote most. Damian Park wrote ~25 and guests -- mostly students -- wrote ~280.***

Looking back, I can say a few things:
  • I really enjoy blogging
  • Many posts from past years are still fun to read
  • Many critiques (water is too cheap, etc.) are STILL relevant :(
  • I've learned a lot from different people's perspectives on water
Bottom Line: Nobody sets out to do anything 5,000 times, but it's possible when the activity is fun and interesting.

* Bonus points if you see their common element :)

** Six months of aguanomics, One year, Eighteen months, Two years, Thirty months, Three years, Four years, Five years and Six years of aguanomics. Check out the photos!

*** I forgot to mark his posts when I removed him as an author :(


TS said...

Congratulations on your 5,000th blog. Keep 'em coming.

Do you ever sleep?

Alex Jablokow said...

This blog is always great fun, and I learn a lot from it. It led me to buy both your books. Keep going!

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