17 Jul 2014

Anything but water

  1. Brazil has reduced poverty via cash transfers (Bolsa Familiar), but more education and access to jobs (for those educated workers) has played a bigger role

  2. Save the US... by modeling its government on the socialist, gun-free, scientific, anti-racist, anti-war, anti-spending US Military

  3. Academic economists are useless to students and society

  4. An investment adviser "realizes how stupid we are" when it comes to believing our biases and wasting money on financial BS

  5. NB: Expats in Saudi Arabia (KSA) are paid a lot to (1) compensate for poor living conditions (weather and culture), (2) enable them to get to nicer places (Rome, Dubai) and (3) find ways to coping with poor service and expensive goods delivered by unmotivated monopolists. What's worse is that singles cannot meet. Expats wait for weekly parties that cost $70 to enter. Saudis take many risks to talk or have sex. I have no experience in romance in KSA, but I'd worry about bad matches and matches-gone-wrong

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