5 Jun 2014

Speed blogging

  1. Three Dutch agricultural professors warn (rightly) of the potential harm of exporting "virtual water" for cash while leaving locals dry. (I wrote about land and water grabs [pdf], but this also applies to California agriculture)

  2. Ten cool fountains (sample to right). I saw the 300m Jeddah jet recently. Magical

  3. The International Conference on Data, Information and Knowledge for Water Governance in the Networked Society (9&10 Jun in Spain) will be streamed live here. Recordings will be available here after 16 Jun

  4. An update on non-urban (e.g., ag) water metering and challenges in Australia

  5. The CEO Water Mandate defines "water scarcity" (physical, quantified), "water stress" (social, qualified) and "water risk" (political, uncertain) in this PDF. I tend to say "water scarcity" for BOTH scarcity and stress, as the economics are similar, but I'll be clearer in the future
H/T to BG

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DW said...

Add this to your list of cool fountains: http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2014/may/10/waterfront-park-downtown-bayfront/

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