30 Jun 2014

Anything but water

  1. I agree with Lord Stern, who says climate change will cost a lot more than people think (or models predict)

  2. Technology will not save us if politicians cannot invest in the long view

  3. Economists (and others) have an abysmal record of predicting economic slumps. Don't waste your time or money on forecasts!

  4. Econtalk with Bill Easterly on the Tyranny of Experts [in "how to develop"] who fail to see the big picture. Erneso Sirolli chimes in with his agreement, and I left this comment:
    The truth in Sirolli's views is so hard for bureaucrats, technocrats, and "leaders" to see because it does not aggregate or collapse into a "few simple rules." Development is chaotic. It takes many paths at different speeds in all directions. It involves physical, emotional and intellectual changes. Development, like the many ways we interact with people, is complex. Our interactions are varied, rich and positive. Development can be the same way IF we stop trying to simplify it. Try talking to someone with two words. That's the same as trying to develop within a framework that "experts" design so politicians can understand.
  5. Former NSA director Michael Hayden has HUGE balls to say something like this:
    SPIEGEL: General Hayden, let's speak about the future of the Internet. Are you concerned?

    Hayden: I am very concerned. This may be the single greatest, most destructive effect from the last 10 months of what Mr. Snowden has revealed. The Internet was begun in the United States and it is based on American technology, but it's a global activity. We in the United States feel it reflects free people, free ideas and free trade. There are countries that do not want the Internet as we know it. Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia. The Snowden revelations will now allow them to argue that we Americans want to keep a single, unitary Internet, because it just helps us spy. My fear is that the disclosures [Not NSA spying!!] may have set a motion in progress that ends up really threatening the Internet as we know it.

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