25 Apr 2014

Speed blogging

  1. "The thematic page ‘The Underground Drought’ contains videos, webinars, resources, links, discussions, articles and blog posts related to groundwater and is in need of your comment, your opinion, your knowledge, and, last but not least, your videos. What has led to the underground drought? What is being done and what can be done to address it? By whom? Add to the discussion on The Water Channel"

  2. An excellent post advocating a flexible approach to providing water to the poor in LDCs

  3. "California's water wars reach 'new level of crazy' this year" -- they need more markets and prices and less laws and lobbying

  4. Another article on the Dutch teaching Americans how to live with water instead of fighting it

  5. An idealistic government's prohibition on science buries citizens under landslides

  6. A good overview on watershed protection as a means of improving water quality
Hattips to CD and RM

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