2 Apr 2014

Anything but water

This is a good idea!
  1. Lessons From Bar Fight Litigation offers important psychological insights...

  2. WAY under-reported: "If the goal was to reduce global warming pollution, then the BC carbon tax totally works."

  3. The Economist denounces crony capitalism and offers an index of crony capitalism around the world (water is subject to these forces, but oil and construction is where the money's at)

  4. Yuppie coffee (pods) are killing the earth

  5. Anti-Keystone activists traced pro-pipeline comments to industry folks. That's not an issue as much as their failure to declare their affiliation

  6. US mayors discuss how they are making data available to citizens to improve services. That's a big contradiction to Idaho's "ag-gag" policy of keeping people in the dark on ag-business pollution and cruelty
H/T to RM

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