5 Mar 2014

What is the most precious resource in BC?

Felix Li writes:*

What is the most precious resource in BC, Forest, Oil or Natural Gas? A survey shows that More than 90 percent of British Columbians believe fresh water is the most precious resource in BC.

Water is our most important natural resource. We have more than 290 watersheds, including rivers, stream, lake and wetland.

The government of British Columbia announced only a few days ago, they will modify the 104-years old water management law (Water Act) and propose the new Water Sustainability Act into the legislature this spring.

Canadian ambassador to the United States Gary Doer said “water is set to become the key issue debated between Canada and the U.S. As the importance of water diplomacy grows in the coming years, it will make current debates about pipelines “look silly.””

Bottom Line: We have some of the best water in the world. We should protect it.

* These guest posts are from students in my resource economics class at Simon Fraser University. Please leave feedback on their logic, ideas and style and suggestions of how to improve.


sun guojun said...

Water is the most common thing we see in B.C. While oil resource attract most people's attention, we ignored the most beautiful resource-water.Also the most important resource we ignored. To protect water is not enough, we also have the best management for water to use or consume water more efficiently. For example,car wash company can not use the the clean water, they only can use reclaimed water. What's more, we also can set two pipeline for urbanite water consumption. One for the drink and washing food. Another one we transfer reclaimed water for the toilet flushing. We have the most beautiful and important resource now, it does not mean we will own it for ever if people do not manage and protect it well from now on.

Anonymous said...
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1412 said...

Your post brings some information about water in BC. That's good. Can you provide some more information about how the government modify the Water Act. How was the situation of water in BC now? That will help us to understand why we have some of the best water in the world and why we need to protect it. Because I know lots of people know they need to protect water, but they didn't do anyting. If provide more information, I think might good for people create awareness of protecting water.

Anonymous said...

the post is easy to understand and it has data to show that how much water BC got. However, it will be better if you can state how much important the water is and what makes the water become the most precious resource. It is better to give some example.


Anonymous said...

I suggest the blog should include a little background information on the BC natural resources sector, and also a brief introduction on why water is the most precious resource in BC. It is great to know that Canada will modify the new water sustainability act to replace the old act, but the writer should tell readers why the old policy was amended. This would all give the piece a useful context.

Anonymous said...

ID: #4603

This blog post is easy to understand, the author provided basic data to support his/her ideas, and also give the basic introduction about the water resource in B.C.
However, if the author can provide more data to support his/her topic( water is the most precious resource in B.C.), it will make the blog post better off. Since water is the most precious resource in B.C., it is good to have some detail about where and how(industry, agriculture, etc...) the water resources being used. The author also can explain why and how the B.C. government modify the Water Act?
Hope my opinions are useful.

Felix Li said...

It is a good advice. Because it is a short blog, I didn’t put too much detail. Here is a link of how does government change the Water Act.

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