24 Mar 2014

The benefit of solar model

Kailun Fan writes:*

The invention of solar energy relives the tight supply of other natural resources. To use solar energy in order to replace other natural resources such as fossil fuel has following benefits. First, the sunshine is widespread and has no regional restrictions. You can get it anywhere if you want, whether land or sea, mountains or islands. It can be directly developed and utilized; also it does not need mining and transportation. Secondly, it can protect environment and using solar energy, it not only protect environment, but also will not pollute the environment. It is one of the cleanest energy and will not worsen pollution. Thirdly, the solar energy has huge capacity; the radiation of solar that can reach the surface of the earth each year is equivalent to 130 trillion tons of coal. Today, the total amount of solar energy is the world’s largest energy that can be developed. Finally, the persistence of the solar energy, according to the current production rate of nuclear that produced by sun, we can estimate the hydrogen capacity can be maintained ten billions of years. However, the life of the earth will be around billions of years, those data tell us that sun’s energy is inexhaustible.

Bottom Line: However, the use of solar energy is still in initial stage, mainly used as solar hot water system, solar greenhouse and solar power, we can apply solar energy to all aspects in near future.

* These guest posts are from students in my resource economics class at Simon Fraser University. Please leave feedback on their logic, ideas and style and suggestions of how to improve.


1633 said...

Hello. I do have same interest on renewable energy source too.
I read your post and I have some question to ask.
Right now across the countries, the most of the countries are using hydro power plants for generating electricity rather than using solar model.(exclude on non-renewable power plants, only renewable.) Why do you think many countries are still using hydro power plant rather than all using solar model(why solar model is not popular across the countries?)

You mentioned about the benefit of using solar energy, but it would be better to mention about cons of using solar energy. I believe it is renewable source of energy, but in order to generate electricity from solar energy, I heard we need lots of land for setting up solar panel.
Also,I heard by setting up solar panels, it will increase temperature of near areas.
On your post, you mentioned solar model can be use "anywhere you want" but I do not agree with your idea because for example, in California, they are using solar model because most of their weather is sunny days. But in Vancouver it is not useful because lots of rainy days. I believe there is limitation on location and weather.

Do you know any city working on solar energy system,other than California? I rarely heard about other cities are using solar model for generating electricity.


1809 said...

Actually it is possible to cover solar energy all over the city. There is a solar city in Shandong Provence, called Dezhou. The local government tries to build the city as a model to show the world how solar energy could be anywhere in people’s life. As an example, the heating systems of the apartments are using the solar energy as well. Special roofs are built to absorb natural sunlight and store the energy in case in the raining days. Meanwhile, lots of forging investors visited Dezhou and tried to import the solar energy system. It is no long a dream that people’s life would cover more renewable energies.

kailun fan said...

Hi,1633, thanks for comment.
I was agree with your opinion that I should talk about the cons of the solar energy. I should explain why the solar energy is not widely used. recently, the hydro power plants are fully developed, to advise people to reinvest a new technology is not easy. It requires large amount of fixed cost and operating cost and may need a long waiting period to get profit.
As you concerned about the rainny day in vancouver,you don't need worry. since the solar energy can be stored in case there is no sunlight. I found there is a city in china, shangdong province called DeZhou,there has advanced technology of solar street lamp and solar traffic light. Many country in the world have well condition to import the solar energy, I think government should take action first, promoting the solar energy will helps it fully developed.

kailun Fan said...

We found the same thing. Thanks for agree with the solar energy, I hope it will around our day life in near future. Since the earth needs us to protect.The renewable energy can helps to solve the shortage of energy.

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