20 Mar 2014

Speed blogging

  1. Circle of Blue investigates the institutional failures that made the W VA toxic spill more likely

  2. Customers who see "neighbors'" water consumption drop their use by 5 percent on average [pdf]. That's a nice way to shift the demand curve in, but I prefer to use higher prices to slide down the demand curve! (See page 14 of my first book [pdf])

  3. Tim Haab takes apart Congress's backpeddling on removing flood insurance subsidies. So sad

  4. Some perspective on green infrastructure

  5. Here's a big, recent OECD report on Dutch water governance [pdf]. I haven't read it, but I don't see any problem with pushing for more engagement with citizens on goals, spending, etc.

  6. Iran faces a "dead lake" problem similar to the Aral Sea. It's more likely that the lake will survive with presidential backing, but not if farmers are allowed to irrigate away all its waters
H/Ts to RM and TM

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