17 Mar 2014

Solar power revolution?

Yung Chu Chau writes:*

Solar power converts sunlight to the use of electricity. It’s known as one of the clean energy on the earth. However, technology, price and environment reasons make it hard to be the most efficient energy to use for now.

Current technology hasn't yet develop efficient solar panel to receive solar power from sunlight. It’s really inefficient in midnight, underground and cloudy weather. The availability of sunlight is unstable during the day. Therefore, usually require a second energy system to back-up the shortage period. Price of solar power is relatively high compare to current major energy use (ex. petroleum). Although sun is free itself technology of converting and receiving sunlight is still high. As I said, technology is inefficient. It requires huge solar panel to convert enough sunlight for use. The opportunity cost for the surface that places only panel is high. It can be used to something else. The space wasted and materials needed to produce panels can be harmful for environment.

Solar power can still be competitive energy choice for the future. As the current energy price rises due to increase demand. Price of solar technology will no longer be a problem. As I talked above, most issues come from the lack of technology develop. Company should focus on increasing investment on research and development, to make benefit greater than cost.

Bottom Line: Solar power has not yet ready to be promoted to the world.

* These guest posts are from students in my resource economics class at Simon Fraser University. Please leave feedback on their logic, ideas and style and suggestions of how to improve.

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erik,Yiu said...

your are right, the Cons of solar energy is larger than pros. we can say that it cost so much to provide so little. However, the biggest con is that solar panel manufacturing process pollution. if we can solve this problem, solar energy will be one of the future energies.

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