21 Mar 2014

Smog in China is not severe enough?!

Z writes:*

Someone says china has the dirtiest air in the world. It might be right but not the top one in history. In 1952, London suffered exactly the same problem, so what made them decide to solve their smog problem? According to the story I read last week, “From December 5 to 9, the smog killed approximately 120,000 people and shocked the world into starting the environmental movement."

It seems like the current environment situation in China is not severe enough to draw enough attention around the world, or maybe some countries just pretend to ignore the situation that Chinese people are facing. According to the study from the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, about a third of china’s air pollutants are associated with production of goods for export. If the Chinese government started working on air pollution, reducing the export which means affect other countries' economy will not be avoided. I think all these countries are just focusing on their short-term benefit and turning a deaf ear to the long-term ones. Yes, China’s smog is a regional disaster but just temporarily. A new study says that “Asia’s pollution might be having climactic effects far greater than previously quantified, contributing to more intense cyclones over the northwest Pacific Ocean."

Bottom Line: Solving the current smog situation in China needs all other countries attention and help, they need to give pressure to Chinese government even there are some negative economic effects on their own countries.

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1435 said...

I agree with China's air pollution are due to the production of goods and exporting but will reducing export is going to work out on decreasing the air emission? or should China look for the same solution as London's policy or any technology from foreign countries to solve the problem better? Although this would brings up the transaction cost, will you or can you come up with a policy or regulations for a win win on both side? Will impose a quota going to work? From my point of view, quota could limit the product being waste and dump to harm the environment.


6606 said...

This is an interesting article regarding the pollution in China. I liked how the comparison with London was made. With regards to solving the problem, do you think the relatively larger population size/ country size would act as a hindrance? In terms of transaction cost of initiating collective action.

Meiling, Fan said...

China is urgent for development, but the situation in China is not fit for the speed of development.The economy has developed, but the environment has been destroyed. If Chinese government do not deal with the pollution, the economy in china also would be slowed down. If other countries also help China, the pollution problem should be solved. for the environment issue, the air pollution in China is not only influence Chinese environment, but also influence other countries. A few months ago, south Korean have complained the fog in China has flow in Korean. The problem should be solved by dealing with the pollution, not complain. On the other hand, China is the main export country in the world. If china has changed something by the pollution, the influence will affect a lot of country. In a word, countries near China and import from china should accompany with China to deal with the pollution.

6467 said...

This is a really sad situation due to the fact that tens of thousands people were killed by the smog. People need to breath in order to stay alive. But the air they are breathing in is poisonous. Although China is becoming the biggest export country in the world, but they are dumping all the wastes in their own country and causing people to suffer. Even though people are getting richer, but money cannot buy clean air and healthy body. Other countries only care about low priced imports from China. On the other hand, if other counties demand less Chinese made products, that means the export would decrease. This can cause a huge increase in unemployment rate, which would become another disaster in China.

9465 said...

China's air pollution is a long-term problem faced by not only Chinese but also people outside China. This problem is mainly caused by transportation and burning of fossil fuels in the factories. To reduce the risk of pollution, I think it is better to depend on another cleaner and cheaper resource. In addition, people outside China might gain opportunities to invest in Chinese companies by stocks or other ways in order to get benefits except for buying Chinese products directly.

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