12 Mar 2014

How should we choose a new car?

Ka Ho Chan writes:*

Gas price is always a big cost for all drivers. Fortunately, there are new type of vehicles can solve this problem which is battery electric vehicles. Electric vehicle replace the gas tank by the storage battery. The storage batteries provide electric energy for the motor of the vehicle. The charging time of the vehicles usually take 3-4hours for fully-charge. Electric vehicles can drive for 100-300km with the fully charged battery. Since the price of electricity is cheaper than gas, electric vehicles driver can save 50% in cost of fuel.

Also, electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe pollutant. With environmental perspective, Electric vehicles can reduce the green gases emitted by vehicle and it is helpful for the consequences of green house effect. As we know, oils are limited and non-renewable. It can reduce the scarcity of oils in world if electric vehicles become more popular. With economic perspective, building charging station and car servicing would provide many jobs opportunities.

Bottom Line: I would strongly recommend people consider buying electric vehicles. Electric vehicles can reduce the variable cost of driving for driver. I would suggest government promoting this technology and build more charge station in order to make it more popular. It is because this technology can improve environmental quality steadily.

* These guest posts are from students in my resource economics class at Simon Fraser University. Please leave feedback on their logic, ideas and style and suggestions of how to improve.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I read your post and think it is very interesting and I agree with you that electric vehicle might be enviromental friendly in terms of no tailpipe pollution.
But it still is an energy consuming car. It is still consuming electric energy which probabaly comes from burning coal. So I do not think it can solve the problem, instead, it brings new problem.

Anonymous said...

Generating electricity requires significant amounts of water. If we increase our use of electricity to run cars, what water source will we use? Making and disposing of batteries generates large amounts of contaminated waste, which then has to be managed. As I tell my students, there is no 'silver bullet' - every proposed option to address environmental issues will have consequences. Although it is not likely to happen, driving less is a better option than any alternative form of energy.

Wei,YUAN said...

#8797 said:
hi Chan,
I really enjoyed your article. That’s truly right that you pointed out that electric vehicle is better than oily vehicle use in the world. However, we might use a very long time to encourage people to do so. It might be education, advertisement and so forth to deal with, which might not be worked in short run. Is the impact of environmental pollution going to become positive way in the long run? If people start to buy electric vehicle from now on, what about all gasoline cars that we had? I don’t think that air pollution problem can be solved, because the mental pollution is going to come out. The quality of air might not be improved. It does directly effect on people’s health as well. In addition, charging station does provide job opportunities for unemployed, but people working at gas station are going to lose job at the same time.

Ka Ho Chan said...

To: 5956,KMC,8797

Thanks for yours comments. Electric car cannot solve the problems directly. However, it is a pretty good way to stop air pollution getting worst and oil scarcity.

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