7 Mar 2014

Chinese People Want to Breath Freely: China's Haze problem

YL writes:*

Haze is a disastrous weather which contains harmful gas and dirty inhalable particles. It can turn the sky darker, harm for people's health and also impact other problems. The source of haze includes vehicle exhaust, industrial exhaust gas, dangerous gas from coal burning in North China during cold winters, and also dust produced during constructing. More tall buildings in cities also weaken the wind make the pollutant easier to gathered and harder to spread out. Therefore, city residences are in danger. They cannot breath freely without masks under extreme weather because the haze can destroy people's respiratory system, genital system and so on, especially people who have to work outside(like traffic police and cleaners)and people with weak immunity. The haze also reduce visibility and makes the traffic dangerous and inefficient,lower the profit of transportation industy. The poor air quality affects tourist industy. What can we do to deal with the haze? I think people can protect themselves by eating nutritive food and avoiding open windows or doing outdoor exercise. And it is necessary to find more clean energy instead of coal; reducing car drives, controlling the discharge of industrial waste gas and enhancing environmental test (like PM2.5).

Bottom Line: People in China are suffering from low quantity of air and affecting by haze in many aspects. Solving haze problem is a long-term project: government in China can close polluting factories gradually, and for Chinese people, it is important to burn less coal and drive less to reduce the air pollution fundamentally and protect themselves at the same time.

* These guest posts are from students in my resource economics class at Simon Fraser University. Please leave feedback on their logic, ideas and style and suggestions of how to improve.

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