3 Mar 2014

Can we see the relationship between the environment and the economy in China?

HW writes:*

The environment of China becomes worse and worse. Recently, news reports the haze occurs in lots of main cities in China. The leading reasons for the haze are listed as follow. Firstly, Many factories and commercial activities produce wasted-air emissions. In addition, the north of China will burn the coal for the heat during the winter in order that pollution air emission will be increased. Moreover, with the improvement of people’s living standard in China, lots of families choose to buy their own cars, then the wasted air emission by car worse the air environment. Admittedly, these reasons are due to the China’s economy development. In the past, China only focused on the development, ignoring the prevention of the environment pollutions.

Nowadays, China gets the cost of the economy development, getting the haze. In future, the china should attach great importance to the prevention of the environment. They should build the right value of the environment during the economy activities. The economy policy makers should give priority to the environment, and then taking the decisions. Only protecting the environment can lead the economy to develop substantially. For the long-term interest, the good environment will make the good economy-developing situation.

Bottom Line: Due to the haze, china should realize the importance for the relationship between the environment and the economy.

* These guest posts are from students in my resource economics class at Simon Fraser University. Please leave feedback on their logic, ideas and style and suggestions of how to improve.


jza79 said...

from your post I learned that the haze results from economical activities. However, why Haze is bad for environment and human ? could you explain it and give somedetails. If I never read ariticles and news about haze before, I will have no idea why haze is harmful and need to be focused on. btw, when you talk about solutions does only government have responsibility for it? or citizens also need to care about our environment?
there are some grammar issues in your article~~ plz check it:)

Anonymous said...

I think it would be best if you give more concrete examples of how policy makers should make their policies. One of the way I may approach to this problem is to install clean coal technology. It is impossible to ask China to stop using coal, because they have been using and depended on this resources for many years. China won't just stop using it due to the pressure from other developed countries. Since, China can argue that those developed countries had use coals and fossil fuels to foster their development. It is not fair for them to use it to get to this level and forbid others to use it. Therefore, one of more feasible approach is to install clean coal technology. ( In my opinions)

I agree with your bottom line that China really should realize the importance of relationship between environment and economics. All those pollutions are taking a toll on younger generations.

Simon *8587*

Anonymous said...

From your blog post, I learned a lot about the haze situation in China. I like the word "right value", China sacrifices too much to maintain the GDP growth(does not care people's living condition and wellbeing), haze can be a result of the "overuse" of environment. Setting good policies can be a good way to regulate users, I think it is better if you can explain more about the policies, what kind of law/rules they are, as well as how people in China to follow them.
Yang Li

Anonymous said...

Firstly, the structure of this post is clean and clear for summarizing the author’ opinion which the relationship between the environment and economy in China. Furthermore, it explained the reasons of creating haze weather: the increasing number of private car, the coal-fired heating in northern cities and heavy industry. However, air pollution is just one aspect of the environmental problem during the process of countries development. So, we should also mention about other aspects such as water pollution. How these pollutions affect the human beings and the ecosystem of earth. It would provide more strong evidence that we should pay more attention to protect our environment.

Then, I think there have a misunderstood sentence in the second paragraph “They should build the right value of the environment during the economy activities.” The author may want to indicate that the Chinese government should have the consciousness of protecting the environment in any economy activities of development.

Finally, I think the government can also cover the cost for protecting the environment. All the economy and business activities want to maximize the profits. The protection of environment will make the higher costs which lower their profits. Therefore, they would choose to neglect the protection. If the government can help the entrepreneurs to cover the cost, they should be willing to choose higher cost way of production which protects the environment.

HW #0119# said...


Thanks all of you for reading my blog. Your suggestions are so helpful for me to think about the the environmental economy. I agree all of your opinions, but I still hold my own view. Improving technology, setting the policy and so on are advantage to reducing environment pollution. Obviously, not only the government should take care the environment but also citizens should. We live in the same planet, everyone should have obligation to protect our living place.
In addition, I reply jza79's question, i can't clearly explain to you here, you can google "Haze", then you can find how bad it is. If you still have question , we can discuss further more.


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